"Project Good Dog" has taught thousands of hours of dog obedience classes and private dog training lessons from puppy kindergarten to advanced off-leash obedience; and has worked with thousands of families to resolve serious dog behavior problems.

Among Our strengths and accomplishments:

Exceptional communication and teaching skills sharpened over thousands of hours of classes, private lessons, behavior counseling sessions, and educational presentation to the public.

We have lived and worked with all types of dogs with all sorts of issues, challenges and know how to manage and rehabilitate them.

Have worked, evaluated and trained shelter and rescue dogs to increase their adoptability and enable them to be successfully placed in forever loving homes.

Experienced in training dogs with chronic behavior problems that were declared "untrainable".

 Professional credentials include:

Canine Professional Dog Trainer(CPDT), Our trainers are an elite group of certified trainers through criteria based on humane training practices, a high level of competence, validated experience, and the latest scientific knowledge related to dog training.

Behaviorist and Trainer for German Shepherd Rescues nation-wide. Have evaluated German Shepherd Dogs with a wide variety of behavior issues; designed and implemented rehabilitation programs prior to adoption; trained, counseled and taught staff, volunteers, and adopters about dog behavior.

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