Private Consultation and Training

Initial Visit: No, we don't do "FREE" evaluations. We just can't leave you without offering you some initial strategies and a plan for dealing with your dog's problems, or getting you started on skills training if your dog is ready for that. We charge for our first visit because you will have been given very valuable information before we leave. And we are coming to you! We are worth it, and you will think so too!

Pricing starts at $85 for the consultation/evaluation visit. 

You can expect that the consultation/evaluation visit to last 1 hour for most situations.

Behavior Problem Solving and Leadership Plans: 

Completely individualized sessions help the dog owner understand what needs to change in order to train or manage the particular problem(s) that are occurring with their dog. Complex behavioral issues such as questionable aggression and dominance, fearfulness, separation anxiety, and ongoing house soiling issues are often most effectively addressed in these appointments. At the end of what is usually an hour & a half session, a management plan is established as well as a plan for training. Follow-up sessions, & ongoing phone consultation are scheduled as needed. When appropriate for dog & owner, the plan includes getting started in obedience classes.

Home School Obedience Programs:

Puppy Kindergarten Classes: 4 Private-1 hour sessions. Kindergarten classes are for puppies between the ages of 8 weeks and 4 months and are designed to get you and your pup started on the right foot. Housebreaking, jumping, biting, barking, manners, environment, basic hygiene and how to get your dog's attention are all discussed.

Obedience: Level 1: 4 Private-2 hour sessions. Level 1 obedience is for any dog who has not taken part in obedience classes before, regardless of age. The majority of the exercises are ON-LEASH. The exercises which are covered are listed on "Services" page.

Obedience: level 2 : 4 Private-2 hour sessions. Level 2 obedience is for dogs who already have a good overall knowledge of the basic obedience exercises. Level 2 covers the same exercises as level 1 but OFF-LEASH. Different kinds of distractions will be introduced gradually during this course. Obedience classes are structured to give you a strong understanding of the training techniques necessary to achieve your goals within an eight week period. Often there is enough time in four sessions to work on more than the basic obedience exercises. Classes are set up in a way to provide you with an good overall understanding of your dog and how to get his or her attention.

Boarding & Training: Boarding & training is provided for those who would rather we train your dog at our location. During the time that your dog is with us we will train your dog every day. Please call for quote. 

- For any questions, specific requests or needs call us: 919-704-5038

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