In-Home Private Training

No Group Classes - You don't have to waste your valuable time in physically demanding, long, boring and unnecessary group classes in the hot sun or cold. Don't worry about being embarrassed or humiliated in front of strangers. We make the lessons fun for you and build your confidence at your home and in your neighborhood.
Every dog and owner gets fully trained one-on-one in private lessons.
We teach you how to make your dog obey whatever the distraction.
At home dog training is affordable and works great for most people. We are not the cheapest one but are affordable and really good.

Areas we address in controlling behavioral problems:

Obedience Commands:


The board & train program for typical dogs is your dog stays at our trainer's home and lives with them and their family for a period usually from about four to eight weeks. Some cases require more time.
Living with stable and balanced dogs is the best way to train a dog and sometimes the only way to help a troubled dog. You could go to a dog training class for years and get less than we do for people in a few weeks or a month or two.
Your dog will be trained 2-3 times every day, in the home, outside, near shopping centers, around other dogs, squirrels, people, cars etc. We introduce the dog to as many different circumstances as possible.
This is hands down the finest dog training available anywhere. People get their dog back awesome with people and other animals.

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. Potty Training
. Not Listening
. Jumping up on people, furniture and beds
.Digging & Chewing
.Pulling on the leash
.Bolting out doors Running away
.Stealing things
.Scratching doors
.Chasing kids, cars & dogs  Humping
.Crotch sniffing
.Not behaving in automobiles
.Excessive barking
.Fearfulness & Shyness
.Marking territory inappropriately
.Sit Stay
.Stand Stay
.Down Stay
.Go to sleep
. Come
.Go Out
.Come In 
.Heel On A Leash
.Polite Greetings
.Distraction Work
.Bark on command